Join the Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps

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Being a member of our service club gives you the chance to:
• Share and develop your leadership skills 
• Hear interesting and newsworthy speakers each week on interesting topics
• Increase your professional and social network
• Be a role model to your kids or grandkids and those of other members; at times you'll work side-by-side on service projects
• Change lives locally, regionally, and globally

Can't attend weekly lunch meetings? There are still ways to enjoy the prestige of being a Rotarian. Join a committee, or become a board member, let us enjoy your company at socials, and help out on service projects.  

Now, it's time to talk money. Rotary isn't free, but it won't break the bank and we think you'll reap the rewards of being a Rotarian.
Below is a summary of your financial obligations to the club. 

A) Your monthly club dues of $25 are obligatory. 

B) Annual pledge to The Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps. Suggested minimum - $10 per month   

C) Annual pledge to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is optional. 

D) Weekly lunch meetings are $20



Application for Membership

I, the undersigned, being familiar with the requirements for and conditions of membership, here by make application for membership as an Active Member for the Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps under the classification of _______________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________________                                                                Nickname: _______________

                  First                                        Middle initial                           Last


Birth date: _______/______/________    Spouse Name: ________________________


Spouse Birth date: ______/______/_______     Wedding date: ______/______/______


Hobbies or Areas of Interests: _____________________________________________


  If applicable: My continuous Rotary membership began ______/______/______

I am now a Paul Harris Fellow  Sustaining Member


Information for the Rotary Club Directory 

Company Name: ________________________________________________________


Title/Position:  __________________________________________________________


Street Address/P.O. Box:  _________________________________________________


City, State, Zip Code:  ____________________________________________________


Telephone: (___) ____________  Cell: (___) _____________  Fax (___) ____________

E-mail: __________________________________________ Send Rotary mail here

Please print legibly



Street Address/P.O. Box: _________________________________________________


City, State, Zip Code: ____________________________________________________


Telephone: (____) ___________________    Home Fax (___) ____________________

E-mail: __________________________________________ Send Rotary mail here


Signature: ________________________________ Date: _____________________


If you have any questions please contact Melanie at

Please email completed form to Melanie at